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My name is Marquette Jones and I am a filmmaker, lawyer and owner of Hotcomb Pictures Consulting. My services and packages are designed to help you to execute your filmmaking projects from script development to distribution. I earned my legal degree at the University of California Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley Student Life Achievement Award). I will leverage this background and my skills and talents as an award winning filmmaker trained at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts graduate film program (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Internship Award, ProMotion Pictures / Heineken Branded Entertainment Shorts Competition Winner, First Run Film Festival Producing Award, P2 for a Cause Panasonic Award.) to help you realize your vision as an Artist.

Services Offered
Social Media Strategy and Film Brand Identity Development Package,

I will develop a brand identity for your film project that will be used to execute your social media strategy in digital media spaces such as high traffic blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other emerging social media outlets.
I will build a map of social media tastemakers who you can leverage to promote your film and social media strategies.
This package is recommended for filmmakers who have a completed script and are ready to market and distribute their films online and via film festivals.

Grant Writing and Fellowship Development Package ($2,500+)
The grant writing and fellowship development package offers a concierge of services including film budget creation, film production timeline creation, software training in Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting, film synopsis development and artist statement support.
This service is recommended for film students, beginning filmmakers and established filmmakers seeking institutional and fundraising support.

Crowdsourced Fundraising Strategy Package ($1000+)
Utilize social media to build out and execute successful crowd sourcing campaign that will provide you with the funds needed to launch your project, while also providing your community with an opportunity to support your work.
Outline attainable and measurable metrics to ensure that your strategy is a replicable success
This service is recommended for a filmmaker who has completed his or her script. It is also recommended for those who are ready to raise money to either begin pre-production or post-production.

Contract Review Service for Producers
($50 for a 30 minute consultation, $500 for contract review)
I provide contract review and consultation services that will protect your short time and long term financial interests in your film project.
Utilizing my skills as a lawyer, and award winning producer I will provide legal review for your film related contracts
This service is strongly recommended for filmmakers in preproduction and for those negotiate distribution with film studios.

Artistic Statement Development Service ($500+)
I will help you write, revise and polish an artist statement that will allow you to present your vision and work to funders, producers and others within your creative networks.
This service is recommended for filmmakers at all stages from beginners to those seasoned veterans are are interested in refreshing their brand identities.

Film Festival Distribution Package and Strategy ($500)
I will create a customized international film festival distribution strategy that will market your work, serve your existing audience, and build new communities of support for your future film film projects.
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After the Jump

Introducing the latest Hotcomb Pictures production, the feature film AFTER THE JUMP, written and directed by Marquette Jones.

AFTER THE JUMP – is a little IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, a little NICK AND NORA’S INFINITE PLAYLIST and a lot of DOPE. This film aims to create a letter of hope to young post millennials who crave being nowhere more than dealing with the challenges of life. With two African American female lead characters, we are making #blackgirlmagicalrealism. This film will share a message of resilience to young women who have considered suicide when they are each brilliant and magical enough.

Forgiving Chris Brown

Forgiving Chris Brown is a dark comedy short that follows the follies of “Rihanna”, “Halle” and “Tina”. These stylish girlfriends hope to heal their battered hearts through the old-fashioned way – Revenge. The emotional baggage they carry ties them together and makes for some unorthodox fun. Add these 3 heartsick ladies plus one tied-up & unrepentant man to the hot desert and watch them sizzle on screen. Things take a gut-wrenching turn when Rihanna must decide once and for all what to do with her “Chris”. The film set in the picturesque landscapes of California – Joshua Tree and Malibu.


Marquette Jones – Writer/Director
Lodric Collins – Producer/Actor
Tami Jordan – Producer/Actor
Tanda Kerin – Associate Producer/Actor


Him – Lodric Collins
Rihanna – Tanda Kerín
Halle – Tami Jordan
Tina – Tiffany Daniels
Hiker – Peggy Painton

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Featured Screenings:

Nevada City Film Festival
Urbanworld Film Festival
Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival
Cucalorus Film Festival


Round on Both Sides

Round on Both Sides

a Short Film

Shot on location in Youngstown, Ohio, Round on Both Sides follows Niecy Bridges (Tami Jordan) as she struggles to get her life together.

After several years of absentee parenting while pursuing her modeling career in New York City, Niecy returns to her hometown in search for her daughter, Quinn. Unfortunately, time is running out on her dreams for a perfect life.

Also starring Brandon Young (previously featured on The Wire)


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Featured Screenings:

Great Lakes International Film Festival (2011) Ohio Independent Film Festival (2011) Juneteenth Short Film Festival (2011) Sacramento Film Festival (2011) First Run Festival (2011) San Diego Black Film Festival (2011) Black Hollywood Education & Resource Center Short Film Showcase (2010) Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, International Collegiate Film Competition. 3rd Place (2010) Mid-Atlantic Black Film Festival (2010) Warner Bros. Production Award (2010) Fotokem Production Grant (2008)


Heroes Wanted

Set on the streets of New York City, Heroes Wanted, (trt: 4:05) is a short black & white film that explores the idea of one’s “hero” status being completely in the mind of the perceiver.

The film features an original jazz score composed by New Orleans-native, Kenyatta Beasley, in the days immediately following Hurricane Katrina. His feelings of frustration, anger and sadness during this time were well channeled into the composition of this riveting score.

Featured Screenings:

REEL 13 SHORTS as a part of its Lens on Talent programming.
Brooklyn Arts Council 41st Annual Video and Film Festival – Best Original Score

Video i • KTEH (San Francisco PBS channel)
Oakland International Film Festival
San Francisco Black Film Festival

The film features the acting talents of Drakeford Levi, Riley G. Matthews, Jr., and Milagros Cepeda.






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